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As the most competitively priced refurbishment company in Pontypridd and wider South Wales, our services are unmatched in both quality and price.

Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating is our proverbial bread and butter: rely on our qualified experts in wallpapering, painting, spraying, varnishing and more. Whatever painting or decorating your property requires, we are sure to offer it with precision and care.

Interior and Exterior

Both the interior and exterior of your property can be refurbished, decorated and primed at the hands of an ABC Finishing specialist. We have the products to withstand the harshest of Welsh weather and high traffic use.


Plastering is the most important step for any future decoration in your property. We offer seamless plastering services: designed to provide a smooth, unblemished surface for potential wallpapering and painting.

Rendering Repair

Over time, your rendering can degrade, chip and crumble. When the time comes for tailored rendering repair, we have you covered. Repointing, patching and replacing damaged render comes naturally to our qualified team.


Finish your kitchen or bathroom space in an efficient, stunning way through our vibrant tiling. Bespoke, vibrant and well fitted tiling can help create the unique look and ambience you require of your room. Not only is our tiling beautiful in form, but exceptional in function: combating water ingress and damp with ease.

Property Maintenance

Keeping up with property maintenance in terms of plumbing, electrics and decoration is never easy. Allow us to take on the difficult property maintenance in your stead. We can repair the mortar for your masonry or implement new, seamless plastering – whatever you need, we handle all property maintenance for you.

Property Refurbishment Specialist

We are property refurbishment specialists in every feasible way: from bespoke furniture to colour schemes and material choices, allow us to advise you on the best renovation solutions for your home or business. We put our years of refurbishment expertise to good use in transforming your property.

Sealant and Mastic Application

To bond your ceilings, tiling and frames, sealant and mastic application is a necessity. This adhesive blend can take up to 24 hours to dry fully, but retains years of durability and flexibility after application. We use this as an exceptional adhesive for concrete, steel, aluminium and even glass.

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